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First Edition       –      March, 2011

            Second Edition      –      March, 2012

            Third Edition       –      March,2013

            Fourth Edition      –      July, 2014

            Fifth Edition       –      March, 2015

            Sixth Edition       –      March, 2016

            Seventh Edition     –      February, 2017

            Eighth Edition      –      February, 2018

            Ninth Edition       –      February, 2019

            Tenth Edition       -      July, 2019

            Conceptualized and Prepared by Research and Tax teams of DVS Advisors LLP

           Internal Research Publication

           This material is a research publication of DVS Advisors LLP ("the Firm"). It provides general information

           and guidance as on date of preparation and does not necessarily express views or expert opinion of the Firm.
           The publication is meant for general guidance and no responsibility for loss arising to any person acting or

           refraining from acting as a result of any material contained in this publication will be accepted by the Firm.
           It is recommended that professional advice be sought based on the specific facts and circumstances. This
           publication does not substitute the need to refer to the original pronouncements.

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           All Rights Reserved
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